The PCFS is engaged in extensive R&D efforts and works with domestic academic and non-public organisations. All R&D work carried out internally or in cooperation with others leverages technical capabilities, state-of-the-art equipment and professional staff. With our team of world-class experts, we are capable of developing innovative products, technologies or services, and exploiting the available know-how to create prototypes of new and innovative solutions.

As part of R&D, we offer scientific research in areas such as software, analyses, simulation models, optimising production processes as well as product and service innovation. We combine the results of research and technical expertise to start the production of new or significantly improved products, technologies or services. While defining technology concepts or their future applications, we provide support in determining the technological readiness of a product to develop prototypes of new solutions, equipment or technologies, and feed the results of industrial research into designing and developing solutions, creating prototypes and testing them in real-life scenarios.