About Us

Polish Center for Photonics and Fiber Optics

The Polish Center for Photonics and Optical Fiber (PCFS) provides consulting, training and information services. It supports the transfer of photonic technologies and all the accompanying tasks. It conducts research, development work and takes care of disseminating the achievements of Polish optical fiber photonics.

We operate at the interface between science and business, and our goal is to implement Polish innovative photonic solutions, support scientists and entrepreneurs, and build a strong Polish photonics sector.

An important component of the activities of the Polish Center for Photonics and Fiber Optics is a large infrastructure and human resources potential. Professionalism of the substantive-and-technical as well as administrative teams enables the implementation of the Centre's objectives.

The Polish Center for Photonics and Optical Fiber is the coordinator of the Photonics and Optical Fiber Cluster.

The tasks carried out by the Center are mainly as follows:

  • developing a network of contacts between the world of science and business
  • contacts with scientific institutions and evaluation of innovative projects
  • identification of the needs of innovative business entities
  • promotion of scientific and research institutions, research teams and their achievements
  • popularization, promotion and development of technological entrepreneurship

  • consulting, training and information on the implementation of innovative projects, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, information
  • technology, telecommunications, electronic, fiber optic and photonic technology
  • assistance in obtaining funds
  • transfer of acquired knowledge to practical industrial applications
  • activities to create favorable conditions for conducting scientific, research and development and technical activities
  • undertaking innovative, novel and alternative initiatives in the field of new technologies