SDS Optics

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SDS OPTIC is a consortium which specializes in designing, modeling and assembling various pre-assembled components for optoelectronics applications, as well as in designing and manufacturing innovative solutions dedicated for data transmission.

More than 15 years of experience and the highest commitment to quality and reliability is confirmed by implemented quality assurance system according to ISO-9001: 2008 and allows for shaping the characteristics of the most desirable products at all stages of production.

SDS OPTIC has unique experience in finite element analysis (FEA), especially for all aspects of modeling and designing of assembly components for high-tech industry, particularly in hermetic packaging applications that obtain high a level of adhesion and sealing.

SDS OPTIC focuses on three types of product groups:
  • Pre-assembled hermetic packages
  • Pre-assembled connectors and splitters
  • Data transmission converters
SDS OPTIC is equipped to carry out research projects, as well as designing and manufacturing to acquire custom solutions.
  • Hermetic assembling (fiber optics, windows)
  • Mechanical design, modeling services
  • Custom fiber optic connectors and assemblies
  • Electronic assembling (BGA, QFP, up to 0201 packages)