Technology and material consulting

We offer professional consulting in the area of innovative technological solutions. With many years of experience, extensive knowledge and skills of our associates, we are capable of developing optimal and efficient solutions for our Clients, contributing to their business success by giving them a competitive advantage.

We advise on: selecting technologies and suppliers, determining technical requirements, testing, supervising implementation, post-implementation technical support, legal and financial services, further development on European and global markets.

Through professional consultancy, we deliver solutions that:

  • meet our Client’s requirements;
  • make optimal use of the existing technological infrastructure;
  • optimise costs.

We provide support in aligning technology in terms of technical, environmental and economic aspects with the needs and specific nature of our Clients’ businesses.

We provide consulting and support in R&D and purchasing.


The Polish Centre for Photonics and Fibre Optics (PCFS) popularises knowledge in the area of optical fibre technologies by offering training courses with varying levels of advancement and subjects, tailored to the specific needs of individuals, business owners and employees. Our trainees are usually people from technical, project, maintenance, IT, telecommunications and similar departments. We issue a certificate to confirm the completion of a training course.

We offer:

  • Open and dedicated training
  • Theoretical and practical workshops
  • Highly efficient training